1st Grade Music

General Music in the First Grade builds upon the readiness skills and repertoire established in Kindergarten. Specific goals include:
  • Review of Kindergarten material
  • Reinforce steady beat
  • Reinforce consistent use of singing voice
  • Develop a consistent use of the head voice register
  • Reading/Writing/Dictating/Tapping rhythms containing ta, ti ti, and rest
  • Reading/Writing/Dictating/Singing the solfa pitches so, mi, and la
Semester outlines covering instructional goals, repertoire to be studied, assessments, etc. are posted below. Please see these for more information.

Please note: Mr. Wilkins teaches music to Mrs. Heenk, Miss Hurst, Mr. Danz, Mr. Rodecap, and Mrs. Kumar's classes. Students in Mrs. Wilbur's and Mrs. Neal's classes have Mr. Andrew Webster for General Music this year. Please contact him directly for information about his music classes. (WebsterA@wlwv.k12.or.us).