Beginning Strings

Beginning Strings is an ensemble for students in grades 3-5 who are interested in learning to play a string instrument. We rehearse after school on Tuesdays from 2:15-3:05 PM in the Music Room. See the links and information below for practice resources and other timely information about our class.

An update letter about the upcoming choir & strings concert has been posted under letters home & documents. Please see this letter for more information about the performance. It also contains information on how to get on the parent email list.

Demonstration Performance

For the December 8 concert, students should prepare the following pieces from their Essential Elements 2000 for Strings book:

#2 Let’s Play Open D
#3 Let’s Play Open A
#4 Two’s a Team
#10 Let’s Read G
#11 Let’s Read F#
#14 Let’s Read E
#15 Walking Song
#19 Rolling Along

Students will receive this information in hard copy from Mr. Wilkins on our November 15 rehearsal. Those who'd like to get a head start may pick this sheet up from Mr. Wilkins starting before school on November 9.

Fingering Basics & Fingering Help

We have begun working on notes fingered on the D & A strings in first position. I have created a diagram/fingering chart for the students depicting where their fingers should go on the fingerboard to play that note. See attachments below for the "fingering basics" sheet for your child's instrument.

There are a few helpful websites with fingering charts, and an interactive fingerboard with pictures of where your fingers go. Follow these links to access these pages:

Violin Interactive Fingerboard (Please watch only the fingers in these pictures. The thumb position is incorrect.)

Violin Fingering Chart
Viola Fingering Chart
Cello Fingering Chart

Dress Code

BFPS String Ensembles conform to a traditional black and white dress code for performances. Many students already have these items in their closets. Here are general guidelines for performance dress:

  • White shirt, preferably long sleeve and with a collar
  • Black pants
  • Black shoes

  • White blouse or sweater
  • Black pants or black skirt (mid-calf length or longer)
  • Black shoes (preferably closed-toe)