Classroom Management

As a school, we adhere to the Positive Behavior Support (PBS) approach. This approach emphasizes three school-wide expectations reinforced in the context of different school settings (cafeteria, library, hallway, classroom, etc). Being safe, respectful, and responsible in Mr. Wilkins' music class is characterized by the following actions:

Be Safe

  • Play your own instrument.
  • Keep control over yourself.
  • Follow game directions carefully.

Be Respectful

  • Entering the music room listening.
  • Having permission to play.
  • Talking when it is your turn.
  • Treating each other kindly.

Be Responsible

  • Bringing your materials to class.
  • Operating at your best.
  • When class materials are provided, students need to bring them to music every day.

On occasion, a student's behavior may deviate from the expected actions. In this event, a specific procedure is followed. Most issues are handled within the classroom with verbal reminders, redirection, and reteaching. A think sheet  may be used to aid in a problem solving process. More serious or escalating behaviors may result in a reflection & redirection note, parent contact, and/or a trip to the office.