Rubrics & Grading

Music Assessment Rubrics in Student-Friendly Language


Playing Instruments

Reading & Notating Music

Effort & Class Participation

Report Cards

Students at OPE will receive two music grades each semester. The first grade reports a student's progress toward standards in musical skill areas, while the second grade reports a student's effort and participation during music classes. Music grades are based on the following category weighting:

  • 30% Singing
  • 25% Playing Instruments
  • 25% Reading & Notating Music
  • 10% Other skills
  • 10% Effort/Participation

At OPE, we use Synergy to track student assignment scores and the status of course grades. It is recommended that students and families check the status of their grades via StudentVUE and ParentVUE periodically throughout the semester. Please feel free to contact me with any questions.